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The number one goal of create a website for a client is to create a great web presence that not only represents the company’s brand, but to increase website traffic in order that they sell more products or services online!

Lack of design will not keep website visitors coming back. Website traffic is a problem all businesses face today, whether they are a small local company or global fortune 500 business. So when getting your website built by a local web design company make sure they fully understand your business needs. You want to communicate that you not only want a great looking website that is mobile friendly, but one that is also SEO friendly and brings in lots of website traffic, leads, and sales.

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There are many considerations to make a website search engine friendly such as on-page SEO and it must have a great UX (user experience) so that the site flows well, looks appealing, loads quickly, and the user doesn’t get confused as to where to go next to get to what they are looking for.

For example: A simple CTA (call to action) mid section of the home page that directs them to a contact page, a phone number or email address, will ensure that you get more leads. It’s that simple!

Build Clean Code

Building a website with clean, simple code that is designed with your client in mind, will help your site get more visitors if it is not cumbersome, with too much white space, and a gaudy header graphic.

Some pieces of code like plugins that aren’t update regularly, can actually keep search engines from crawling your site and push important content and CTA’s down further on the page, where website visitors may never get to them. There are lots of design and coding flaws that may prevent your website from producing a good UX and ultimately not getting top SERP rankings.

Build For Quick Loading Times

Website optimization and clean code can help with page loading speed for any website whether PHP or WordPress. It is now important with SEO to obtain quick loading speeds for all sites on the web. You will get ranked higher by Google if your site is not sluggish and loads pretty quickly.

This is the name of the game – user experience and higher page ranking by major search engines online. , which is another key aspect of its ranking on search engines such as Google. Don’t hide important information, like contact info or FAQs. If you use features like logos, info-graphics, videos, and other visuals without thinking about file size and load time, then they you will have trouble.

Always optimize a site for best load times and UX (user experience) and you will have success with your website.

Make Your Website SEO Friendly

Creating a website so that it is SEO friendly is as important as ever! Quality content, keyword placement, and backlinks are all important part of making a website search engine friendly.

Find a web design or local SEO agency that specializes in on-page SEO, content writing, social marketing, and communicates well with your team so that you get the very best website that can be found easily in major search engine such as Google. There are many aspects of your website that you can configure in order to make it get a high page rank on Google including the following tricks:

  • Add a sitemap
  • Add Google Maps
  • Add Google Analytics
  • Add a Google My Business Page
  • Add SEO Plugins like RankMath and Yoast
  • Index all content on Google Search Console
  • Create internal and external backlinks on all pages and posts
  • Use “alt tags” on all images
  • Add a Description tag for all posts
  • Add H1, H2, H3, H4 tags on all posts
  • Add graphics and videos to most posts
  • Add keywords and long tail keywords to posts
  • Have a social presence by adding your social media accounts
  • Make all posts shareable to increase your following
  • Add analytics to measure website traffic

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